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Fall 2017
Plant bird friendly trees that will bear fruit or nuts as well as providing shelter. Fall is a good time to plant, giving roots a chance to get established before dormancy sets in.
Berries make great treats for your winter birds. Freeze some now and put them out in late winter when most of the fruit or berries on the trees have been eaten.
When making Jack-O-Lanterns, save the seeds. Rinse well to remove the fiber and dry them in a 200° oven. Songbirds will love ‘em (so will chipmunks, OK, squirrels, too!).
Clean summer nesting boxes. Put some fresh wood shavings on the bottom and some birds may use them for roosting in the severe winter weather.
If you can’t plant trees and shrubs until next spring, there’s no reason you can’t create "instant cover". Pile branches and twigs to form brush piles, where birds can hide and be protected from the weather.