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Summer 2017
Keep feeding birds even during the summer. You’ll see many birds that fly south during the winter as well as the brilliant yellow of the American Goldfinch. (State Bird of New Jersey)
Don’t dead-head coneflowers or black-eyed Susan plants. Finches show off their acrobatic abilities as they balance on the stems and pick the seeds from the spent flowers.
Clean feeders every two weeks during heavy use and hot weather. Wash with hot soapy water and rinse well. Or you can clean with 10% bleach solution and rinse well. Allow to dry before refilling.
Clean hummingbird feeders every 3-5 days and refill with fresh nectar.
Rake the ground under the feeders to prevent accumulation of waste.
Move feeders periodically to prevent build up of waste.
If birds are crashing into windows it is because they perceive it as a passageway through your home. Break up the reflection of the window with decals, netting, crisscrossed branches, streamers or feeders that attach with suction cups.